Texas Republic Firearms Academy

We specialize exclusively in firearm self-defense training.  Each of our instructors is a former law enforcement officer who has personally confronted armed, violent criminals in life-or-death encounters.  This makes our training real-world.

While some classes include License to Carry / Concealed Handgun License (LTC/CHL) or other forms of certification, all classes are small in size, hands-on and intensely practical.  

We also offer customized private classes and one-on-one training. With over a dozen different classes to choose from, we provide classes for beginners as well as courses for those who are seeking advanced tactical training.  These include training in self-defense handgun, home-defense shotgun, rifle defense, 2-gun, 3-gun, and NFA.  For details, click on the "Firearm Classes" tab on the left.

Since we are a not-for-profit educational institution, you will enjoy great value as well as outstanding self-defense firearms training. 

Our instructors have extensive law enforcement experience either as a police officer, FBI Agent, or Texas Ranger.  Each has years of "street" experience in a high-crime metropolitan area where violent criminals and street gangs are an everyday part of the job.  And, since each of our instructors has personally confronted armed criminals and many "shoot/don't shoot" situations, we are able to provide you with extremely practical, real-world training.  

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, we offer both individual and small-group training in various locations.  In our class line-up (click on the "Firearms Classes" tab on the left) you will find self-defense firearms training with or without Texas LTC/CHL certification, introductory firearms training for those who are new gun owners, women-only firearms classes, private instruction with or without a handgun included, family classes, and special needs firearms classes, in addition to our tactical and law enforcement-only classes which we offer around the country and worldwide.  

At TXRFA learning is hands-on and practical,  class size is always small, and instruction is personalized.  

We may still be able to provide a private class for you on a weekday, but we do not have openings in any of our regular classes. 

In light of the recent terrorist chatter, we urge all LTC/CHL holders to legally carry a gun at all times.  Heightened vigilance is essential, as is restraint and appropriate, lawful responses.

Unfortunately, law enforcement cannot be expected to provide public safety in this new era. It is the duty of all responsible citizens to be prepared to protect themselves and their community.

The potential for major problems which are beyond anything our nation has previously experienced, is very real. Crime is now only one of several sources of violence that we may encounter.  Today we live in an era of growing risk not just from violent crime, but also from terrorism, social unrest and other causes.