Texas Republic Firearms Academy

Welcome to Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA)

Specializing in self-defense firearms training (including Concealed Handgun License certification), we offer both small-size classes as well as private instruction.  With over a dozen different classes to choose from, you can find just what you are looking for in handgun self-defense, home-defense shotgun or rifle classes, or combination classes.  Since we are a not-for-profit educational institution, you will enjoy great value as well as outstanding self-defense firearms training.

Each of our instructors is a former law enforcement officer who has personally confronted armed, violent criminals in life-or-death encounters.  This makes our training real-world and intensely practical.

Our instructors have extensive law enforcement experience either as a police officer, FBI Agent, or Texas Ranger.  Each has years of "street" experience in a high-crime metropolitan area where violent criminals and street gangs are an everyday part of the job.  And, since each of our instructors has personally confronted armed criminals and many "shoot/don't shoot" situations, we are able to provide you with extremely practical, real-world training.


Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, we offer both individual and small-group Concealed Handgun License (CHL Texas) training in various locations, and even handgun-included classes.  In our class line-up (click on the "Firearms Classes" tab on the left) you will find self-defense firearms training with or without Texas CHL certification, introductory firearms training for those who are new gun owners, women-only firearms classes, private instruction with or without a handgun included, family classes, and special needs firearms classes, in addition to our tactical and law enforcement-only classes which we offer around the country and worldwide. 

At TXRFA learning is hands-on and practical, class size is always small,
and instruction is personalized.

Top-Rated Self-Defense Firearms Instructors

Each of our instructors has passed a stringent screening process to insure that they are perfectly suited for training members of the general public.  In addition to real-world experience with firearms, you can expect our instructors to also have superb teaching skills, a winsome personality and a patient demeanor. 

Together, these factors create an environment where learning is easy and natural.  An atmosphere that is conducive to very rapid skill development. 

At each level of instruction, our instructors work to help you achieve mastery of firearms self-defense techniques.  Real-world techniques built on a solid, intensely practical foundation.  As a result, our graduates can exude the confidence they need to turn the tables . . . to confront an assailant, and win.


We endorse the "No Guns = No Money" movement which
encourages individuals and companies to stop doing business
with those who are actively involved in any anti-gun effort.
Businesses such as Target, Starbucks, and Panera Bread have
made public statements, or enacted discriminatory policies which
marginalize those who legally carry guns.  We do support their
right to do so, but at the same time we encourage the pro-gun
community to utilize their parallel right.  We need to stop
rewarding businesses which make our neighborhoods less
safe through their opposition of gun rights, or by their attempts
to thwart concealed carry laws.  Rights that are not only
protected by the U.S. Constitution, but have
also reduced crime and victimization.  


High Impact Self-Reliance TM

We specialize in high-impact skill development combined with confidence building, to make you self-reliant.

If you have little or no-prior experience with firearms, no problem.  Our classes, "Introduction to Handgun Use," "Self-Reliant" and "Women-Only" even include a Sig Sauer handgun to get you started on the right track.  Included in your tuition for certain classes is the award winning P250 9mm pistol, or the ultra-small Sig P290.   "Handgun included" is an option which can be added to many of our classes; either a handgun which you can keep after successful graduation, or a handgun which you can borrow while taking a class. 

We also have other introductory classes for both adults and families in our “Basic Firearms Self-Defense Core Classes” category.  This includes popular classes such as CHL Certification and Handgun Self-Defense Tactics, as well as specialty courses such as "Firearms Self-Defense for the Physically Challenged."   We even offer private “Parent-Child Family Firearms and Safety” classes to train the whole family (including children as young as 10-years of age), and "Executive Protection Self-Defense Firearms Training" for those who face special threats such as kidnapping and targeted assault.  For more information on our courses, click on the "Firearms Classes" tab located above (on the left). 

No matter the course level, each of our firearm training modules is designed to prepare you for potentially violent situations where instantaneous shoot, don’t-shoot decisions Tactical Shotgun Trainingmust be made.  The curriculum is robust.  Each firearms course includes sufficient classroom teaching to establish a firm foundation of firearms knowledge, law and ethics; but relies heavily on shooting-range practice and scenarios to teach weapon familiarity and instinct shooting skills.

We aren’t an ordinary firearms school.  And, we don’t teach routine target shooting.  Texas Republic Firearms Academy is dedicated exclusively to self-defense, plus preparedness planning and training for emergency situations.

Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA) was developed to provide a counterpoint to the more typical firearms school.  Unlike them, we are interested in far more than just helping you put holes in paper targets, more than just helping you 'pass' the Texas DPS exam for your Concealed Handgun License (TX CHL).  Our training includes much more.  We focus on teaching real world self-defensive firearms techniques and tactics, contingency planning and survival strategies.  The entire curriculum is oriented around skill development and confidence building.  Not only do we want you to survive an attack, our goal is to prepare you to “win” decisively, even against multiple attackers.

All of our classes are small in size to facilitate hands-on training, but one-on-one personal training is also available.  Visit our “Firearms Classes” page to see which course fits your level and interest, or contact us so that we can design one-on-one instruction just for you.  If you live outside the San Antonio area, we have visitor packages which include firearms training, plus hotel and Texas Hill Country and Alamo sightseeing tours.  We’re here to serve, so that you can protect yourself and those you love.


For important information on the general topic of preparedness, we recommend that you visit www.36ReadyBlog.com.


Our Teaching Philosophy ...

As police officers, the founders of Texas Republic Firearms Academy lived by the motto "To Protect, and To Serve."  Now, as former law enforcement officers, their mission is: "To Serve, So That You Can Protect" yourself and your family.

Here at Texas Republic Firearms Academy, “Remember the Alamo” isn’t just a phrase from a history textbook.  For us the Alamo defenders, and the Founders of the Republic of Texas, personify the kind of people we need to be in our world today.  Individuals who learn from the past and prepare for the future; people who are ready for whatever we may face today.  Like them, we strive to be people of integrity, independent, self-reliant; active purveyors of peace and liberty. The name of our firearms school is a reminder of this proud Republic of Texas history and heritage.

This self-reliant orientation is typified in the history of our Texas Rangers.  On November 20, 1822, the provincial governor of Texas affirmed the right of citizens to assemble a group of volunteers to protect their fellow settlers.  Referred to as "rangers," these volunteers came to the aid of those who were victimized by violent Indians and criminals.  When needed, these individuals left their regular jobs, grabbed their guns, and came to the aid of those who needed help.  They did what needed to be done when the government wasn’t there to protect their families and their communities.  They were true peace-makers.

The logo for Texas Republic Firearms Academy was designed to be reminiscent of this grand "cinco peso" heritage.  This is a proud history of volunteerism, community spirit, personal responsibility, and high impact self-reliance which predates the Republic of Texas.  The rangers are an example of the courage, fortitude, and care-for-others that is still the hallmark of the people of Texas.

John “Rip” Ford, a medical doctor and one of the early Texas Ranger volunteers, said of his compatriots:

“it was a company of sober and brave men. They knew their duty and they did it … they made no braggadocio demonstration. … They had a specie of moral discipline which developed moral courage. They did right because it was right.”

A few decades after the formation of the Texas Republic, Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald, when confronted by the prospect of community lawlessness, responded to the mayor's concerns with, “Ain’t I enough?  There’s only one fight!”  Today this same sentiment is the basis of our self-defense firearms and self-reliant preparedness training. 

Here at Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA) our goal is to impart that same Ranger-like confidence to our students.  So in addition to firearms instruction, we also concentrate on the physical and mental preparation necessary to achieve self-reliance.  This translates into the ability to be alone yet capable and confident.  The confidence to confront fear and violence head-on, so that you can bring peace in the midst of chaos.

McDonald’s personal creed was, "No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin."  Today, these words are distilled in the Texas Ranger creed of: “One Riot, One Ranger.”  For us, these phrases reflect our orientation to personal responsibility and self-reliance.  We are here to teach you the skills you need, and to mentally prepare you to win; so that even if you are alone you can experience freedom rather than fear.

Texas Republic Firearms Academy exists to provide the training you need.  Not just to survive an emergency situation, but to emerge decisively as the victor.

Gun Control Works
Click Here
For a 2-minute video summary
of the
core issue of gun control,
and the reason that
our nation's
Founding Fathers
penned the
U.S. Constitution's
2nd Amendment.

Responsible people have the duty to be prepared, and U.S. citizens also have the duty to guard their Constitutional Rights.  While there are many helpful organizations, none do a better job of protecting our unalienable Right to self-defense than the NRA.  We urge you to JOIN the NRA TODAY.  You might also consider becoming active in the NRA's grassroots organization, the Golden Eagles.  When you enlist in the Golden Eagles, you will have various opportunities to get involved in local and national efforts which help protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.

In 1776 the Founding Fathers of the United States when they penned the Declaration of Independence, drew attention to our most basic, “unalienable” Rights.  As they declared in that founding document, these privileges and responsibilities of humanity are not given to us by an act of government; rather they are innate Rights given to every person by their Creator.  To learn more about these Rights, and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which are designed to protect them, visit: the James Madison Research Library and WallBuilders

Responsible gun ownership includes responsible citizenship, so please stay informed, vote in every election, and be active in seeking America's renewal.  As you know, freedom isn't free.

"For evil to triumph, the only thing necessary is for good people to do nothing"
-- Anonymous

* If you are an active or retired police officer, deputy sheriff, Texas Ranger, or federal agent and interested in teaching part-time at Texas Republic Firearms Academy (TXRFA), please use the "Contact Us" tab to send us an inquiry.  Include a brief bio that describes your "street" and teaching experience, plus a summary of your certifications and credentials, and if you are willing to travel.  Experience facing violent attackers and other firearm self-defense training and experience is required, as is some specialty training.  For example, additional experience in relevant specialty areas such as:  executive protection, firearms self-defense instruction, urban combat, close quarter battle, SWAT and raid experience, firearms instruction and safety, disaster preparedness and survival training, or military urban combat or SOG experience.  If you are certified to teach Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) classes in your State, or by the State of Texas to teach Concealed Handgun License (TX CHL) classes, please include your license information with your inquiry.